Honey, Beeswax, Etc.

Picture: Products from Meadery and Apiary

Honey Comb

Select varieties of honey in pure beeswax honeycomb cut from the hive at the peak of freshness.  Usually available in late summer in limited quantities.

Creamed Honey

Late season goldenrod and aster honey naturally creamed for easy spreading on toast etc. available all year.

Liquid Honey

Blended (wildflower), and varietal honey (i.e. alfalfa, blackberry, thistle, etc.) available all year.

Cut Comb

Chunks of honey comb packed in jars of liquid honey.  Mixed and blended varieties of honey.

Magnus Mead

Sold through our sister company Midgard Meadery.  All Magnus Mead is made with Scotch Lake Honey.


Purchasing Product

You can find us at the Baddeck Community Market on Wednesdays during the summer and the Cape Breton Farmers' Market on Saturdays throughout the year.  People are welcome at the farm for purchases with a phone call first.  We can not accomodate on the spot tours especially during our harvesting and extraction days.  Drop us a note for information on availability or shipping.