About Us

Scotch Lake Apiaries is a family owned and operated beekeeping enterprise that has been in business since 2002.

We support an environmentally balanced and sustainable ecology at all our apiary sites around Cape Breton.  All sites are free of industrial, chemical and agricultural pollution.

Our honey bees are bred and raised here, from the original Carniolan/Italian stock for superior acclimatization, fecundity, disease resistance and honey production.  We do not import queens or bees from other countries.

Our beekeeping method is a blend of ZEN meditation/intuition and scientific determinism.  That is, when we handle the bees we sense their well being by sound, scent and mood.  In the practice of hive management, we utilize the techniques of proven scientific principles of natural selection and predator control.  We allow the bees to choose their own cell size of comb, which they do very well.  We allow the bees to produce as many drones as they want.  Our bees choose which eggs/larvae become their new queens.

Our job is to be sure the colonies have all the space and resources they require to grow large and powerful, and to be as efficient at reproduction and honey production as possible.

Cape Breton is a challenging place to keep honey bees with its long, cold, wet and stormy winters.  Only the best bees under the best circumstances can prosper here.  We have spent a long time developing our apiary to meet these challenges and believe we have done so.

Cape Breton, during the summertime, is resplendent with glorious fields of bee pasture producing some of the finest honey in the world.  Be sure to try some of our Select All Natural Honey.